India’s newest billionaire


Byju Raveendran is India’s newest billionaire. Byju is a former classroom teacher who developed an education app that’s grown to about 6 billion dollars in seven years. He joined the rarefied club after his app Think & Learn scored 150 million dollars in funding earlier this month.

The deal conferred a value if 5.7 billion dollars on the company where the founder owns 21 percent of the stakes. The app named Byjus app will shortly be teaming up with Walt Disney and take it’s services to America by early 2020.  This 37 year old entrepreneur  set up Think and Learn in 2011 offering online lessons before launching the Byjus app in 2015. He grew up in a village on the southern coast. Both his parents were school teachers. He became an engineer and used to help his friends to crack the entrance exams for engineering and management studies. He used to teach students in sports stadiums and used to commute to different cities during weekends.



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