An eye on fashion: Monisha Gidwani


Over the years Vimonisha has gained its reputation as a designer that labels branding specialists. Every fashionista in Chennai looks forward to its next edition of exhibitions, the next one will be held on September 5 and 6 at Hyatt Regency Chennai. Monisha Gidwani, brand strategist and promoter of the successful Vimonisha Exhibitions and Events tells us how she built her brand over the years and consulted on numerous brands and labels in the last 26 years.

You are seen as a brand strategist with a pulse on the market knowing exactly how to position and promote a designer label. What’s your strategy?

It’s actually quite a complex paradigm. It’s not enough to put the 5 or 6 P’S of marketing management together and arrive at a common solution for all. What might work well for a pretwear label that markets online may not necessarily work for a jewellery design house with multiple stores across India or for a bridal wear couture label. So as each brand has unique selling propositions, it requires years of experience to recognise what exactly will work for a particular kind of label.

What else do you offer your clients besides a unique branding solution?

Since we are experienced in the exhibition business, we work very closely with our labels to offer them the right target segment. It’s not enough to offer the exhibitors only a sales booth at your exhibition and give them a good two day run of sales. What follows later is equally important. How you are able to give them a sustainable market through other boutiques, merchandising and export houses, introduce them to wholesale buyers and in short serve as a launch pad to spring board and expand their business in the south of India. It’s about building a continuous rapport with the brands so that there is much more meaning in associating with Vimonisha apart from just renting a booth at the exhibition. The relationship extends far beyond that.

In what way can you build that relationship with brands?

Vimonisha and I are seen as influencers of brands, lifestyle products and services. We provide the correct platform for the brands we work with in the long term to give them a value add, like no one else does.

Which are the different brands you have introduced in the past and which ones are new in the latest edition?

Some of the favourites are Krishna Mehta, Pranay Baidya, Nazar by Indu Abbot, Anushree Reddy, LDS Jewelry, Latha Puthana, Naina Seth, KALKI, Shilpa K, Jewels by Queenie, Shobha Asar, Renu Oberoi, LDS Jewellers, Gala brothers, Vasundhara Jewels, Anaqa Jewels, Ossa by Adarsh, Aquamarine, Desi Bijou and many more. This season some of the new ones are Sapna Singhania, Dhanraj Jewellers, Osa by Rachna, Pran:t, Poonam Soni Collection Jewels and many more.



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