Amazon looks to duplicate airpods with Alexa technology


Amazon inc is trying a new way to take Alexa digital assistance to wireless airbuds that will be a replica of Apple airpods. The e-commerce giant is readying airbuds with inbuilt Alexa technology to roll out by the end of this year.

The headphones will look and be similar to AirPods, but people working on the product inside Amazon are striving for better audio quality. Like the AirPods, the Amazon earbuds are designed to sit inside users’ ears without clips around the ear. The headphones will let people use their voice to order, listen to music and ask other information.

 The earbuds will come in a storage case that doubles as a charger. Users will be able to plug it in over a standard USB cable. The company has tested the headphones in black and gray colors.AirPods launched in 2016, the product has become a huge hit for Apple, helping to augment slower iPhone sales. The company is working on a third-generation, higher-end pair with noise-cancellation and water resistance, according to people familiar with the plans.



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