Adidas seals partnership with Beyonce


Adidas launches its partnership with singer Beyonce and the artist will relaunch her Ivy Park brand, as it aims to attract more female consumers after Puma’s deal with Rihanna helped boost sales. Adidas also has a partnership with Kanye West, the brand said it will work with Beyonce on creating performance and lifestyle products, including signature footwear and clothing.

The company did not give financial details. . Adidas, Nike and Puma have all been trying hard to appeal to women since the rise of Lululemon and the athleisure trend, which has also prompted fashion companies like Gap and H&M to produce more fitness clothing.

Women’s wear now accounts for about a quarter of sales of the Adidas brand, less than at Puma, which named Rihanna as its women’s creative director in 2014. Adidas said last month that the players it sponsors on the team that wins the FIFA Women’s World Cup this year will receive the same performance bonus payments as their male counterparts.



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