Mumbai to host an international expo


The city of Mumbai is ready to host Children Baby Maternity Expo India from April 10 to12. Over 100 national and international exhibitors from China, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Russia and Taiwan will showcase over 450 brands and launch an exhaustive spectrum of baby care products, toys, baby food, organic clothing, nutraceuticals, ergonomic furniture, licensing brands, stationery, gifts, infant safety technology, and brain development tools among a rich array of other quality, technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing international products.

CBME India will offer unparalleled business opportunities to local and global manufacturers and sellers of baby products to connect, network and conduct business with a choice of distributors, importers. These professionals cater to the baby, child wear, children’s shoe stores, maternity wear shops, toy shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores, pre-schools, nursing homes, individual buyers, service companies, designers, associations, and consulates.

The maternity and baby care products industry in India is undergoing a phase of transformation. The industry is driven by increasing demand by upwardly mobile millennial parents who are keen to use the latest childcare equipment in the market.



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