All workers rescued in the Silkyara tunnel deemed fit for discharge


AIIMS Rishikesh has announced that all the 41 workers who were rescued from the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand have been deemed medically fit for discharge and can return home safely.

Dr. Ravikant said that a number of tests were conducted on all the workers. They had to undergo blood tests, ECG and X -rays too. All the reports revealed normal results for all the workers. As they were both physically and clinically stable, they were given clearance to return home.
The workers spent a total of 17 days inside the tunnel and may need a period of acclimatization.
Meanwhile, their families celebrated ‘Igas Bagwal’.on Wednesday at the residence of Chief Minister Puskar Singh Dhami in Dehradun. It is a popular festival in Uttarakhand that is celebrated 11 days after Diwali.



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