Ziva Narrates How Papa MS Dhoni Saved Crimson-breasted Barbet


Dhoni’s daughter Ziva, in a heartwarming Instagram post, revealed how she along with her father and mother helped save an injured bird at their Ranchi residence.

Ziva took to social media to narrate how she had stumbled upon the injured bird on the lawn and how she alerted her father, MS Dhoni, and mother Sakshi who then helped the bird fly again. Ziva said she spotted a Coppersmith lying unconscious and that MS Dhoni fed the bird with water she also shared photos of Dhoni holding the bird which had regained consciousness. Ziva also said she wanted the bird to stay but it flew away after recovering.

She wrote, “Today in the evening on my lawn I saw a bird lying unconscious. I shouted for papa and mumma. Papa held the bird in his hand and made her have some water. After some time it opened its eyes. All of us were very happy. We placed her in a basket on top of some leaves. Mumma told me it is Crimson-breasted Barbet and is also called Coppersmith. What a pretty, pretty little bird. Then suddenly it flew off. I wanted it to stay, but mumma told me she had gone to her mom. I am sure I will see her again!”

MS Dhoni is making the most of his time in lockdown. The India skipper has had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with his family and friends as the forced break due to the Covid-19 pandemic came just before he was set to return from his break.




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