You’re My Baby Love – Nikita Shreedhar & BS Sukesh


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It’s that time of the year when youngsters are trawling stores for jewellery and bridal wear, scouting around for the ideal venue and giving wedding planners sleepless nights. The wedding season closes in on us and we speak to three newly engaged couples about their wedding plans, that special proposal and how they’re planning their big, fat, Indian wedding!

Theirs is a story of young love that has survived the test of time and matured into a bond so strong that even a decade of togetherness has not tarnished. Meet Nikita Shreedhar and BS Sukesh, a newly engaged couple from Bengaluru, who share their unique and adorable love story with us.

” We so in love,

Yeah, we so in love,

And I just can’t get enough of your love

Yeah, we so in love, love, and I want you to know

You are my baby love, my baby love “

The lyrics of Nicole Scherzinger’s Baby Love ring so true for young Nikita Shreedhar and her fiancé BS Sukesh.

Theirs is a match literally made in heaven. The newly engaged couple have known each other since they were ten, been best friends for more than five years and have now been engaged for five months. They will soon tie the knot in November this year and embark into a new phase of their relationship, pledging love and togetherness for the rest of their lives.

“It’s funny how we met; we’d moved into a new house in one of Bengaluru’s suburbs and Sukesh’s family had moved there too. His father and mine are childhood friends. What began as a simple acquaintance, grew into a strong friendship, despite Sukesh being shipped off to boarding school for two years,” explains Nikita. “We got back together when he came back from school and remained friends till five years ago. It was then that we got close and realised our true feelings for each other.”

Nikita Shreedhar and BS Sukesh2

Considering that the duo’s families knew each other, both fathers were childhood friends and both were of the same caste, the parents quickly realised their children’s feelings and opted to make things official. Nikita and Suresh were engaged in January this year and will be married in November.

Like their love story, their engagement was a special occasion for the young couple. “We had decided on a traditional wedding, performed as per our culture and caste. Hence we wanted to go all out and have a lavish engagement,” tells Nikita with a dreamy smile as she recalls those magical moments.

Hosted at the Taj West End in Bengaluru, the couple opted for a vintage themed engagement party where everything, including the decor, their outfits and the props were in a white and gold combination. “The groom arrived to the engagement venue in a vintage cycle rickshaw decked in white tulle and gold. I, escorted by my brothers and cousins, made my entry in a vintage chariot,” explains Nikita as she animatedly tries to re-create the dream-like ambiance for us.

There was a photo corner, comprising multiple gilded frames, for the bride and groom and their guests to pose for candid pictures. Bengaluru’s celebrity photographer had been hired to chronicle the event pictorially. The guests, many of who had come in specially for the engagement from outside Bengaluru, were stunned by the lavish and well thought out arrangements.

Being a student of fashion design, 23-year-old Nikita and her 24-year-old fiancé planned the entire theme for the engagement themselves. “We hired a wedding planner who executed our ideas and put the logistics intro place. But we visualised the entire concept and were very sure of what we wanted and how our engagement should be,” tells the bride-to-be with much pride. In keeping with tradition she wore a heavy silk saree for the formal ring exchange ceremony and later changed into a gorgeous cream and red Indo-Western outfit for the rest of the evening. The man of her dreams complimented her ethereal looks by appearing in a dashing maroon, white and black velvet tux.

As they danced the night away and celebrated the formalisation of their love surrounded by family and friends, they embarked on the next part of their great big bridal journey by beginning the plans for their traditional wedding and forthcoming life together.



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