A Couple of Love Stories – Montgomery Sen aka Monty & Mehjabeen Raza


Wedding Diaries – Hyderabad

It’s that time of the year when youngsters are trawling stores for jewellery and bridal wear, scouting around for the ideal venue and giving wedding planners sleepless nights. The wedding season closes in on us and we speak to three newly engaged couples about their wedding plans, that special proposal and how they’re planning their big, fat, Indian wedding!


All the world loves a lover, said the Bard. And when you meet the newly engaged couple – Monty Sen and Mehjabeen Raza – you can’t help but want to fall in love. Such is their sizzling chemistry and evident compatibility.

For Hyderabadi couple Montgomery Sen aka Monty and Mehjabeen Raza, the momentous occasion of sealing their relationship happened after nine long years. Says Monty, “Love makes you do crazy things, which sometimes have no rationale! Yes, it was rather funny as to why I would travel across the world and propose to her after all these years in NYC when I could have done that in not so harsh weather and rather a pleasant February of Hyderabad or in Delhi but I guess that’s what love does. ” While Monty, who was born and raised in Delhi and relocated to Hyderabad in 1991, started his career in capital markets from Hyderabad Stock Exchange and is currently involved with a Sydney based private equity fund focusing on South East Asian markets, Mehjabeen Raza, a true blue Hyderabadi, worked for HSBC, Deloitte, Kingfisher Airlines and Standard Chartered Bank and is currently director in a New York based firm.

Together, M&M (as they like to be referred ) have decided to use their cross-cultural experiences and set up a base in NYC in addition to Hyderabad and Delhi – as they see themselves spending a lot of time together there.

“We first met in November 2005 and have been together since,” says Monty. Even though, he moved to Delhi in 2007, they were still together and after nine years, they decided to make things formal.

So was it the clichéd ‘going down on one knee’ kind of proposal? “Yes, but with a little more drama at an international landmark,” reminisces Monty. “Despite the long distance relationship, we both felt we had the bond of a lifetime and this year on 14th February, I decided to get on a plane to propose to her in Times Square,” he tells.

A scene right from the movies, did you say? We agree. Explains Monty with a mischievous glint in his eyes, “I didn’t want her to say NO, hence the proposal at -10 degrees centigrade – she quickly said YES and we moved indoors before we froze!”

The next logical step was confiding in their families and announcing their official togetherness to the world. On May 23rd, in Hyderabad, they had an intimate engagement ceremony to give their relationship a legal twist. Even as they share their bliss with us, they are busy making plans for the wedding. “We’re definitely planning a destination wedding and then a reception for friends and family in Hyderabad and Delhi. It’s going to be a really unique, exclusive and memorable one!” says the groom to be.



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