Yogu guru Bharat Thakur turns artist


The founder of artistic yoga, Bharat Thakur is now an acclaimed artist. Thakur recently reverted to painting after a gap of almost fifteen years. Incidentally, the multifaceted fitness expert is also a published poet and writer. A self-taught artist, Thakur’s paintings are refreshingly vibrant coalescing colours, composition and thematic elements in harmonious efficacy. A prolific painter, he finds the immediacy of the acrylic medium and the process of painting with its tactile quality restorative and reassuring. Necessitating a compulsion to paint for several hours on a daily basis, the practice is meditative for him, especially because he prefers to apply paint with his hands.


Inspired by the expressionist style of Van Gogh, Thakur has made every effort to learn the process and finer nuances of painting by observation and skilled guidance. The vivid strokes painted in abandon by the Dutch painter have influenced several of Thakur’s works to an extent.

Bharat Thakur’s abstractions are a slice of his life lived both at the conscious and subconscious level. The abstractions created by him have many dimensions and shades. He is an artist with a difference. It is not possible to locate his status within the commercial art market space of a gallery or an auction house.  His versatility straddles varied creative fields wearing many hats being the writer, poet, singer and an accomplished artist.

Venue: Gallery Time and space, The Guild, #55, 1st Floor, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

Date: 23 Nov to 22 Dec, 2016

Time: 11 AM to 9PM

Visit: www.bharatthakurart.com




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