Yet to surprize mom? Here’s what you can do now…


Mother’s Day might be over, but who really needs a day to plan a surprize for mommy dearest? Isn’t everyday good enough to do something unique and remarkable that will bring a smile to your mother’s face? Read up on what you can do now:

DSC08338 (Copy)

  • Cook a hearty breakfast for mom, while keeping in mind some of her favourite breakfasting foods.
  • Give her all the hugs and kisses you’ve held back on ever since you grew up.
  • Take her to a nearby garden and spend some quality time talking walks, listening to the chirping birds and soaking in the sunshine.
  • Take mom for a long drive.
  • Read a short story book together, or watch any of her pet television programmes.
  • Instead of buying a gift or a card, DIY (do-it-yourself). It could be anything from chocolates or muffins that you bake to a pen holder crafted from a cola can to a greeting card designed out of a A4 size paper.


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