World’s costliest chocolate

A luxury chocolate brand of ITC has entered into the Guinness Book of World Records. The chocolate comes at an exhorbitant price of Rs 1 lakh for a set of 15 truffles. It is the world’s most expensive chocolate. Fabelle Trinity  Truffles Extraordinaire comes as a limited edition.
It is encased in a hand – made wooden box, each containing 15 truffles with each weighing 15 grams. Anuj Rustagi, the Chief Operating Officer of Chocolates, Confectionery, Coffee and New Categories- Food Division, of ITC Limited said that the masterpiece is a reflection of the best of both worlds coming together. The chocolate was unveiled in the presence of the Legendary Muchelen Star Chef Philippe Conticini who is the co- curator of Fabelle’s Trinity- Truffles Extraordinaire.


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