Women’s economic empowerment to combat gender violence


According to Nandini Azad, President of the Working Women’s Forum, economic empowerment of women is a long term solution to combat gender violence. She referred to the recent United Nations review report on gender equality and expressed her unhappiness over the report as it failed to recognize the significant efforts of the government and civil society towards the cause.

She said that there has been significant improvement in the progress towards equality and the WWF and ICNW put together had over 6 lakh women members. The report of the UN stated that the data collected from 170 countries showed that they were well below the standards on the progress of gender equality. Nandini further explained that the ‘Gender and equity model’ of WWF and ICNW had effectively set focus on gender equality, financial inclusion of women, poverty reduction, creation of sustainable women’s institutions and financing gender programmes. She stressed on the need for more focus from global organisations on similar movements in Asia and specifically in India.



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