The Women In Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy


Woman characters in a movie are the essential ones and many times the plot revolves around the female protagonist or some tiffs may happen in the male protagonist’s life due to them. Most of the Indian cinema often ignores woman characters in the film, but it’s now a trend to come up with woman based movies without a male lead and many leading actresses have wooed their audience by making such movies.

Nowadays, historical movies are been made by giving more importance to woman characters. There are consistency and content in their roles and many women based historical movies are been adopted in recent times like Arundhathi, Manikarnika, Rudhramadevi and more.

Recently released Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy revolves around a king and what all obstacles he faces during his reign. The film portrayed two strong women characters Siddhamma, Narasimha Reddy’s wife and Lakshmi, Narasimha Reddy’s inamorata. The characters were played by Nayanthara and Tammanah respectively, while the role of Narasimha Reddy is played by Chiranjeevi. The woman characters were strong, bold, passionate, dutiful and devoted and what not.

Both of them are devoted to the king and served him dutifully, while Siddhamma took care of the family and was a supporting, caring wife and Lakshmi is the warrior who is able and willing to anything for the king’s success. Though both the woman characters are someway subjugated to mistreatment by the king, they still loved him and continued to show him how much they care for him. Their only focus was to make the king happy.



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