Woman reunites with family after 12 years

A 25 year old woman from Vijayawada ran away from home 12 years ago when she was 13 years old  in  March 2007 after being reprimanded by her mother for not attending school. A woman spotted her standing alone at a bus stop. She took her home and sold her for a sum of RS 500/ to a woman named Madhulika from Madurai. The said Madhulika brought up the girl named Latha and later on got her married to one Kanchivanam a restaurant owner in the same town.
When Madhulika passed away, Latha and her husband started searching for her biological parents. They submitted a petition to the Vijayawada Police Commissioner. Her story was also published in the paper. Her parents on seeing the story, approached the police. They had preserved the FIR copy of the missing complaint they  had given to the police 12 years ago. It was a tearful and an emotional reunion of Latha and her parents.


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