Why are only women body-shamed asks Aditi Rao



Aditi Rao Hydari feels actresses should not be bothered by body-shaming comments as talent is what matters in the industry.

“The most important thing we should never forget is that people come here to act. And if we are very good actors then nothing else should matter,” said Aditi, when asked about the body-shaming comments that actresses are often subjected to.

“You have to look presentable and people have to find you attractive. But you should stop believing in the factory manufactured prototype of beautiful. There are different kinds of beauty. Talent is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter what the body type is,” Aditi said.

The Wazir actress also pointed out that male actors go through a different fate. “Male actors are not criticised for the fluctuation in their weight and that shows how we look at women when they are onscreen or in normal life. This mentality needs to change. We are all here because we are creative and talented,” she said. Her comments come in light of Kushi Kapoor’s instagram post slamming her body-shamers.



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