Hrithik’s ‘noisy’ birthday bash proves dear!  



Actor Hritik Roshan, the handsome hunk of Bollywood celebrated his 42nd birthday at Four Seasons Hotel in Worli.
The party was held at the AER Lounge on the 34th floor rooftop and attracted a large crowd of celebs besides some gate-crashers.


Local resident Ashraf Khan was passing by at 1.30 AM, when the celebrations were reaching a crescendo. He complained about the loud music creating havoc at that unearthly hour.

Since it was already past the official deadline of 10 PM police visited the hotel and imposed a fine of Rs12, 500, but the loud music continued.

After repeated complaints by Khan, the police again visited the hotel around 3.30 AM and slapped a second fine of Rs12, 500 on the hotel manager.

Now, that sure was an expensive affair for the hotel!



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