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Festival season is round the corner. You can now order exclusive gourmet Dussehra hampers from Neenu’s Natural. Times have changed, definitions have changed and India is a festival rich country, the love and traditions will never change. Neenu’s Natural has a variety of gourmet products to choose from, and create your own DIY hamper for the upcoming festivals of Dussehra and Diwali and they will have it delivered for you at your doorstep.
Neenu’s Natural believes that our body is our temple and we are responsible to keep it pure and clean. Neenu & Ankur, mother and son duo are behind the delicious range of healthy products like oil free pickles, sugar-free energy bars, sweets, snacks and traditional masala blends, ensuring each of their products are made with utmost care and love.
Neenu’s Natural creates healthy snacking options, energy bars, mind-blowing masalas, pickles and sweets, all with the unique Neenu’s twist. Honesty of Indian traditional heirloom recipes; fresh flavours and choicest ingredients are what you’ll find in each of Neenu’s boxes. The ingredients they use are locally sourced and made right here in Bengaluru in their kitchens, where they employ only mothers who want to support their families with extra income.
Their gourmet hampers include a range of foods that are perfect for today’s fast paced life and flavours that will remind you of a mother’s unadulterated love.
Order on: www.neenusnatural.com



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