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Let this vacation not just be a time to take quick selfies in front of hundreds of monuments, but one that brings you close to nature and your inner self. With holidaying taking on a whole new meaning now, how about awakening to the spirit of adventure in a holistic manner as you cleanse your soul and celebrate life to the fullest? Picture this: R‘Oum’ing or meditating in the wilderness, hiking along with a group of like minded trekkers, running marathons in a foreign land, indulging in dance sessions, cultural trips, tasting some yummy bites and participating in other offbeat activities that no one else has ever done before; and all this in the company of like-minded folks from all walks of life. All of us have that need to get away and find ourselves. At the onset of the holiday season, these ingenious entrepreneurs are crafting tailor-made holidays with a twist to give your travel a whole new meaning with yoga, spirituality, trekking, fitness, quirky activities and so much more thrown in to add that extra jazz to your much required break. If you’re planning your next holiday and want to do something different this time, then our holiday guide might be just what you’ve been dreaming of.

Text: Namita Gupta

Vikram Ahuja, Byond Travel picks destinations based on places which offer a wide range of activities to do. These could involve interactions with nature and the outdoors or with local communities and cultures with a rich history of music, dance, food and celebrations. “We avoid regular touristy places where the only options are seeing sights from afar without any opportunity to participate in the local culture. Some of the popular destinations for such getaways are Pushkar, Darjeeling, Dharamshala, Sri Lanka, Bali and Bhutan. The best places to stay are gorgeous outdoor luxury tented accommodation (such as The Orchard in Puskhar) to beach-side cottages and resorts (such as in Sri Lanka and Bali)).

Sometimes the favourite places are not always the most luxurious places, but the ones with the best stories. The cost varies from place to place but could be from Rs 25,000 for Dharamshala to Rs 55,000 for Bhutan to Rs 60,000 for Bali for anywhere between a trip of four to seven days. We take groups of women-only travellers to yoga; mixed groups, kids, senior citizens and even spiritual healing groups in over 50 countries. Besides personal interactions with local communities, exploring various cultures, arts, music and food, some of the activities which are must-do are:

Pushkar: The world famous Camel fair, listening to local Rajasthani folk musicians under the moonlight.

Darjeeling: Riding the toy train! And if lucky, even dancing on top of it.

Dharamshala: Catch a glimpse of the Dalai Lama!

Sri Lanka: Hot air balloon over UNESCO heritage sites, art walks in Colombo.

Bali: Learn how to cook local cuisine and get plenty of Balinese massages.

Bhutan: Learn archery from locals, trek up to Tiger’s nest monastery,” shares Vikram.


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