Into The Beyond


V.S.T Titanium Motors hosted ‘Into the Beyond’ a Futuristic Art Show curated by Artist and Curator Jitha Karthikeyan. The art show was inaugurated along with the launch of the all-new Mercedes Benz S-Class Vehicle by Dr. J. Radhakrishnan Health Secretary, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, and Murugan V.S.T Titanium Motors CEO.

‘Into the Beyond’ is a show about the future which has been on all our minds with artists, Ganesh Selvaraj, Pranay Dutta, Bhartti Verma, Sheetal Sivaramakrishnan, and Janarthanan Rudhramoorthy each sharing a glimpse into the moment that encapsulates their journey.

We’ve often been led to believe through visual and literary presentations of the future that it would certainly be a world where technology rules, where machines take over and perhaps even negates the need for human presence. ‘Into the Beyond’ a Futuristic Art tries to emphasize the fact that there can be no future world without the human element and all that comprises our culture, our history, our dreams, and our journey.

“Presenting the starkness of spaces without life, the use of materials like iron and paper which date back in history to create futuristic ideas, the use of augmented reality to express emotions through poetry and videos that navigate the other future. The perfect blend of the old and new, to look into an imagined beyond,” said Jitha Karthikeyan.



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