Ultimate travel kit for venturing safely outside


Fear and concern have embraced all equally, which is precisely why even for the most important tasks people have avoided travel. It is frustrating when even a packet of chips has to be sanitized when one goes out. Being health-conscious myself, sanitising everything and every contact point is a usual part of my day. Still, for a million reasons, one has to step outside the confines of their houses; there is no way around it.

Here’s what you can keep in your bag next time you have to travel (and a product that’ll save you a lot of trouble). Better ready than not.

First and foremost are masks. It is the best way to minimise the chances of infection. There is no government conspiracy here; it is a scientific fact. Keep multiple masks as a contingency and wash them regularly. Avoid prolonged usage of the same mask. Pack a generous amount of tissue paper. These will help reduce direct contact when you dab your face to control sweat, clean surfaces, or anything of the sort.

Forget your bag but do not forget to carry a good disinfectant spray. Anything from Marico’s Protect disinfectant range will do, but Travel Protect is more suited to travel. Use it every time you’ve touched something suspicious or when you are going to be interacting with your face. If outside, it is best to do it regularly. Since the COVID pandemic will be here for a while, concerns of long-term usage do surface. Travel Protect, at least, seems reasonably safe in this regard. Firstly, you need not wipe the surface after spraying; that saves you the risk of accidentally touching the surface and using expensive, fragile tissues to wipe random, mostly rough surfaces. It also has a refreshing fragrance contrary to the medical pungence of most others. I spray it generously on bags, handles, shoes, spectacles, and the like without smelling like a fumigated ward. Lastly, it acts in 10 seconds. That is fast for a spray.

It is good to keep some medical gloves, water bottles, and payment cards. On a final note, never move out for anything without packing some compassion. In a pandemic, we also need to care for others around us. The virus is the problem, not the people it infects. Do not hesitate in helping others. Keeping the following in mind can significantly decrease your chances of getting infected. As they say: flatten the curve as you ride the curb.

-Dr Rashmi Shetty is a celebrity dermatologist, an aesthetic medicine expert and an author.



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