UK Nurse accused of killing 7 children


Lucy Letby, a neo-natal nurse in a hospital in the UK has been accused of killing 7 children. Police probing the spate of baby deaths found a note in the home of Lucy that says ”I am evil I did this”. The note was written in capital letters.

Lucy Letby is on trial at Manchester Crown Court in northwest England and is accused of seven murders and fifteen attempted murders. These murders are said to have taken place between June 2015 and June 2016. Lucy was arrested in July 2018.
The trial began on Monday this week and is expected to go on for about 6 months. Lucy is said to have used different methods to kill the newborn babies. The prosecution has alleged that she used insulin to poison them and also injected air into their bloodstream which caused the babies to stop breathing. The defence has argued that Lucy is not guilty of intentional harm and that she was a dedicated nurse.



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