TTK Hospital: 40 Years Of Caring And Healing


TT Ranganathan Clinical Research Foundation (TTK Hospital), Centre for addiction rehabilitation and counseling services, celebrated its 40th anniversary. Marking the occasion, the board of trustees and the team launched a memoir honouring Dr. Shanthi Ranganathan, Founder of TT Ranganathan Clinical Research Foundation for her foresight, determination and relentless hard work. The memoir was presented to her by Meena Muthiah, Kumara Rani of Chettinad, Founder of Chettinad Vidyashram and Chairman, Board of Trustees, TTK Hospital.

TTK Hospital is a pioneer committed to the treatment and rehabilitation of people addicted to alcohol and drugs. The hospital was established by Dr. Shanthi Ranganathan’s foresight determination and hard work. What started as a daycare center in 1980 is now a 90 bedded, fully equipped hospital and has served around 38000 patients on their road to recovery. The memoir is a humble effort to record the legacy created by Dr. Shanthi; to retrace and record her life, and to capture life-changing moments of her journey that is an inspiration to many and her relentless effort to keep going, enlightening lives around her.



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