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Instagram, especially Instagram IGTV is packed with food bloggers and vloggers. Until a few years back, television was the only medium to telecast cookery shows and those were mostly watched by housewives.  Today, Instagram is most popular among youngsters who are creative, passionate and up to date when it comes to culinary skills. The evolution of culinary interest among teenagers is absolutely surprising and the social media plays a very important role here. Instagram has taken cookery skills, photography, videography and content writing to the next level and unlocked doors for many food bloggers.

You may or may not know cooking but watching the method of cooking is always gratifying. It’s always a pleasure to watch the vibrant hues of the vegetables, the popping mustard seeds, the blend of exotic spices and the rise of papad as it surges in the hot oil. Even if you are an expert cook, you can still follow these Insta food bloggers to learn the new way of preparing and presenting the same old Sambar and Idly. Also these millennial bloggers showcase the best cuisines from various hotels and restaurants. Meet top five Instagram food bloggers from Chennai to know more about their gourmet world.

Text: Vinitha Venkatesha


Bloggers: Praful Siddhartha 

How long have you been operating this handle?

Initially I used to post food reviews through Zomato app and that just went on to Instagram. I have been using this “CHENNAI FOOD REVIEWS” account for almost two years.

What is the inspiration for a shot?

Honestly there is no inspiration as such. I just started this blog to share my experience about my culinary journey. What keeps me going is the love I receive from my followers through text message like, “your page is great, I’m visiting places after coming across your page” and that is what inspires me to keep going.

Why food?

I don’t think there is anyone who says, “I don’t love food.” Every person likes to try new food and one can’t just settle with one variety of food. The advantage of food blogging is you can start with just five rupees to progress to five star hotels. There is no budget when it comes to food blogging and it makes things easier.

Are you able to monetize your account? What are your client requirements?

Revenue out of food blogging is not enough for survival but it would probably work as a part time job. Most of the restaurants have PRO and through PRO we get a chance to visit many hotels. Making money out of blogging completely depends on how you maintain the account.

How do you plan the shoot? Do you shoot? Or do you have a photographer and a team? Tell us about some interesting experiences while shooting pictures.

It’s not necessary that you should own a DSLR. You just need a mobile phone with good camera, basic photography skills and a good post editing. My personal opinion is you don’t have to invest so much on camera to start blogging. There are moments while capturing the food at restaurant when people come and ask why I am putting in so much effort just to post it on social media. I agree that a good photo needs a lot of effort. I explain it to them and mention about my food blogging interest and the reason for putting so much effort.

How receptive are brands and restaurants to your ideas now as opposed to when you started?

The reality about Chennai food bloggers market – two years back there were not many food bloggers but now there are 40 to 50 food bloggers in Chennai. Basically restaurants are happy to give freedom to the bloggers because they believe in our content. Hoteliers also don’t impose us to post content in their favor even it is monetized.

Micro bloggers in other cities vs. Chennai – what are the opportunities and what do you miss?

Compared to other city food bloggers like Mumbai, Delhi or Pune, restaurants accept food blogging as a profession and they are ready to monetize the bloggers efforts but in Chennai it’s just vise-versa. In Chennai most of the restaurants don’t understand the impact we create in every post and food blogging is just blooming here, it will take time. Maybe in the next two or three years food blogging will be a dynamic industry in Chennai.

Approx. revenue you earn through your handle?

In the past two years I would have earned 15K to 20K and I am expecting to do better in the next two years.

Who is your role model?


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