Top 5 vegan bakers in Hyderabad


top_5_vegan_bakers_hyderabadIt’s 2015 and everyone’s going yay for home baked, organic or vegan products. While some say nay for anything unhealthy, these health-conscious Hyderabadis have been exploring the city to find bakers who take orders for breads, organic food and even vegan munchies. Here’s a list of the top 5 bakers, you should keep an eye on in the city.

Light Green Oven: Shipra Chenji’s Light Green Oven functions out of her house in Secunderabad and has been known for its breads. The baker sets up stalls at organic bazaars every Sunday, if you manage to catch some of her home baked goodies you’re set, else just order online.

Poets & Oats: Run by bakers Dhanesh and Sharayu, Poets & Oats has an interesting menu. From bagels to sandwiches, salads to health drinks and cakes, they serve anything you deem. They’ve recently tied up with the Terressan Café, where they serve up breakfast and lunch. Their bagels – have interesting toppings  ranging from coleslaw, vegetables, peanut butter, homemade guava jam to name a few.

That Vegan Bakery: Started by a 22 year journalism student, That Vegan Bakery works on order basis only (for now, we hope). Run by Visala, the bakery offers banana bread, brownies, hummus, vegan cheese or as she calls it Veeze and a few more things to add to the menu.  

Blissfully Vegan: Rewind a few years ago and you will find that there would have been a niche for vegan cakes and even vegan bakers.  Blissfully Vegan lets Hyderabadi vegans indulge in cakes without worrying about anything. Vibrant Living Foods by

Sridevi Jasti: For those of you who have given up chocolate because of turning vegan, here’s good news for you. Sridevi’s Divine Cacao Spread is you’re new replacement for chocolate and Nutella. She’s also got other flavours like Sesame halva spread which are actually tasty and healthy.



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