Open Letter To The Distressed Damsel


Dear Soul In Distress,

It’s absolutely heart wrenching that in today’s world people just expect you to be happy all the time. Being quiet is almost unacceptable. No, I’m not dismissing the beautiful concern, care, and love, that exists and will always be appreciated. But somewhere amongst all of that, human need to see people happy and content all the time. And when you aren’t in that state, you’re termed depressed. The fact is it is okay to have a little mental sickness, but you darling, remember this; you are a valuable wonderful human being who deserves everything that this life has to offer. Come out of the shadows and stand proudly in who you are. You are not some damaged goods, you are whole. Be amazed by you, by your courage, by your willpower, gifts, talents and every single thing you own. Treat yourself with some compassion and kindness. Be gentle to your aching heart. You’re creative, artistic, and a dreamer. That same imagination that exhausts you with sad thoughts can also dream up amazing art, music, and beautiful ventures so on. You’ve held so much pain that is now energy, that you can use. What are you going to do with it? Create or destroy? That’s in your hands.


A Once Soul In Distress



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