The Ultimate Comedy Conclave To Unfold in Kochi!



  Kochin Komedians Are Back but this time they have lots of company! 

Kochi joins hands with Delhi, Kolkata , Chennai and Bangalore to present the ultimate laughathon! George Vivian Paul and Vinay Menon is back with their comedy gang. This time Manisk K Tyagi, Chandroday Pal, Navin Kumar and Aravind Radhakrishnan also join in to cook up the perfect laugh riot!


“This is it people! Comics from across the country are going to come to Kochi Just for laughs. Do come to our show. It should be clear that we take no undertaking on the condition of your health in case any mishap due to excessive laughter,” posted the group of FB. Watch their page for more details. Call 8113976838 for bookings.



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