Take Care Of Your Mind And Body With Exciting Activities From ‘The Training Room’


Growth is a very personal concept and has several connotations for some it takes the form of a physical goal like fitting into a pair of old jeans, and for some it’s a mental aspiration, for instance, to achieve some mindfulness or inner peace. Keeping this vital notion in mind, we present to you ‘the training room’. They focus on building Strength, Endurance, and Wellness.

Started by three sisters; Rhea Sil, Neha Hinduja, and Shilpa Hinduja, the training room offers a platform that curates online workshops from a pool of qualified and experienced professionals, with the core objective of aligning the body and mind simultaneously. Their goal is to provide the best of traditional and alternative methods to achieve this elusive objective through variations in fitness models like:

·        Beyond Barre – Basics and Dynamics with Sagarika Ganeshyam

·        Step Flow Yoga – Upper and Lower Body with Nikhil Bhansali

·        Bolly Hook Steps 1.0 & 2.0 with Kavya G

·        Intro to Acro Yoga with Shakti Shilpa

and techniques for nurturing the mind like:

·        Decoding Mandala Art with Ambica Agarwal

·        DIY Origami Crafts with Anvita Vadiraj

·        Eat Wise 101 & 102 with Minacshi Pettukola

·        Soul Gardening with Kalpana Manivannan

·        The Wellness Loaf with Rithvik Anantharaman

The aim is to deliver easy access to efficient methods, which provide a holistic way to grow. Through these unique and affordable workshops, we not only aid in enhancing physical and mental wellness but also in achieving your full cycle of growth.

When: Ongoing – 6th September 2020 | 6 pm



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