The Trailer Of Richa Chadha Starrer Shakeela Is Out


The trailer of Richa Chadha starrer Shakeela was released recently. The trailer shows how a young girl from a modest Indian home is forced to become an adult star, but one who keeps her conscience clean, no matter who the adversary.

The trailer opens with news reports of legendary ’90s adult star Silk Smitha’s untimely death by suicide. Questions are raised as to who would fill the void. The next few montages establish Shakeela’s lower middle-class existence and how she had no aspirations beyond marriage. However, fate had willed otherwise; the untimely death of her father leads to her family moving to the city to seek better lives. At one point her mother tells her – ‘if we have to survive in this city then either I have to sell my body or you have to do the same onscreen.”

Shakeela was an adult star of the early 2000s, who worked primarily in the South Indian film industries. The movie will show the trails and tribulations of Shakeela’s life, who despite her conservative Muslim background rose to become a star in the adult film industry.

Apart from Richa the film also stars Pankaj and Malayalam actor Rajeev Pillai. It has been directed by Indrajith Lankesh.

Watch the trailer here:



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