Watch Out For the Stand Off Comedy With 4 Comedians


Its Going To Be A Hilarious Evening This Weekend With Four Comedians!

Four Comedians come together this weekend to bring you an evening of sheer laughter! Watch the Kochin Komedians perform at the Naval Officers Institute on April 1st 2017 at 7.30pm. The show would feature, Manish Tyagi – Manish used to be a Commander in the Indian Navy before he decided to become a stand up comic. An Officer and a Gentleman who was forced into singledom at 48, he has some very funny tales to tell from his life experience. Manish’s style catches you unaware to deliver unprecedented stories of wit and humour. He has been performing from over 2 years now and has hosted shows in multiple venues at Delhi, Pune including restro bars, auditoriums, corporate get togethers, etc. He shows have also been aired on 91.1 FM and 94.3 FM in the past. Some of his videos have gone viral on Youtube with an overall viewership of almost 1 million and his personal channel has over 4000 followers.

Sudarsan Ramamurthy
Sudarsan Ramamurthy is a writer, storyteller, standup comedian, and good human being. As a storytelling stand-up comedian, he entertains children by day, and adults by evening. As a writer, he procrastinates whenever he finds time to write. Sudarsan’s bubbly and effervescent nature has brought him the nickname Soda, and is known for entertaining narratives from everyday life. Soda runs Chennai Comedy, and has been an active member in the Chennai stand-up comedy scene over the past two-and-a-half years. Soda also constantly receives death threats on account of his bad puns offstage.

Vinay Menon
Vinay Menon started his comedy career in Bangalore back in 2012. After starting out with a few Open Mic nights, he’s went on to do shows across South India in Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Bombay, Hyderabad, Trivandrum and his home town of Cochin, including hosting shows and judging Stand up events in colleges. Currently residing in Cochin to get the comedy scene started, he simultaneously does YouTube videos of which his take on the Kiss of Love movement went viral. Vinay would like to continue his career in comedy without offending anyone and thus getting killed and he also refers to himself in the third person so that you will think he’s hired someone to write this out for him.

And would be Hosted by George Vivian Paul
George, a Mallu born into an army family, was provided with the best education possible across the country, covering all major education board CBSC, ICSE, MG also many state syllabus, by parents and relatives with extremely high hopes of seeing him outrank his father and grandfather in the army, or have a spectacular career in medicine. As it turned out, he did his engineering and now tells jokes.

With utterly bewildered relatives and parents wondering still how to fix him, he can be seen sometimes debilitating, but mostly amusing people at comedy venues at Kochi. He started following his passion with comedy clubs Kalkutta Komedians & Comedified in Kolkata, eventually had shows in cities like Hyderabad, Chennai. He has performed with various established comedians in events, powered by Comedy Central, styled by Indigo Nation. He has also done corporate shows for The Indian Navy, Vivanta by Taj, Le Meridian, Crown Plaza, The Park Hotel, Casino Hotel, Grover Zampa, Maruthi Suzuki, Cognizant Technology Solutions, and many others. Many major print and online media houses have covered him in their articles. This highly impulsive human being has further delusions of having a sustainable Stand up comedy scene in his hometown Kochi, hence runs Kochin Komedian.



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