The ‘Smart’ technology comes to pajamas


Scientists from the University of Massachusets have developed “smart” pajamas embedded with self-powered sensors that provide unobtrusive and continuous monitoring of heartbeat, breathing and sleep posture – factors that play a role in how well a person slumbers. The garment called “Phyjama” could give ordinary people, as well as clinicians, useful information to help improve sleep patterns

Getting enough quality sleep can help protect people against stress, infections and multiple diseases, such as heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Studies have found that quality sleep also increases mental acuity and sharpens decision-making skills. Yet most people do not get enough sleep – or the right kind, they said.

Although some manufacturers of smart mattresses claim the products can sense movement and infer sleep posture, they do not provide detailed information to the sleeper and are not portable for travel. Commercially available electronic bands worn on the wrist give information about heart rate and monitor how much total sleep the wearer gets. The product could be on the market within two years for 100 -200 dollars



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