The Silent Superheros – Ananya Simlai


Quite often working moms find themselves at the heart of the controversy – what makes them tick, how they operate and how they manage life seems to be a subject of complete and utter fascination. Why else would we find entire research studies devoted to whether or not working mothers are happier and healthier than non-working mothers? Having said that, what working women do – raising children and managing a professional life – is no joke as most people find playing only one of these roles awfully challenging. On the occasion of this Mother’s Day, we asked some successful mums about how they shuttle between these two extremely important roles in their life. Read ahead to understand how easy/difficult it is to strike a balance between being a good mother and professional…


Ananya Simlai Dept VP and Regional Head, Axis Bank “I was fortunate to have an amazing mom who taught me so much about life, purpose and the importance of sincerity both in personal and professional life. Her life showed me that life is hard and has many difficult choices. One can’t have it all, but you can love those around you and give 100% effort each day. She stressed living in the moment, and I find doing that helps me balance out all the craziness of life. A significant piece of being able to find balance is having a husband who supports you as you go through life’s journey. My husband and I are an amazing team and I would have not been able to be a great mom or working professional without his support and partnership. However, whenever it has come to prioritize between career and kids, without second thoughts, it has always been the kids. I always try to make sure that I am managing life and life is not managing me.”



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