The See-Saw Souls: Kaanthal Manikandan


The See-Saw Souls, an anthology of poems is a collection of 20 thought-provoking and philosophical poems that captures the complexities of the human mind, the splendid beauty of the simplest and the grandest of happenings. Modern Poetry exploring complex issues such as anti-bullying, the 2020 global pandemic as well as simple heartfelt verses – the book captures it all.‘The See-Saw Souls’ opens the mind’s eye to new colours and captures deep thoughts through its verses. This philosophical collection of a 14-year-old is for those who seek the peaceful rhythm of poetry while being moved, woken, and comforted all at once. The book is available on Amazon.

Kaanthal Manikandan at 14 years old from Chennai is one of India’s youngest poets. Her first book ‘The See-Saw Souls’ has been released on Amazon worldwide on 17th September. The anthology was written during the COVID-19 lockdown. An able orator, she has bagged several accolades in oratorical competitions and debates. She has a penchant for theatre and other arts. She is a voracious reader with a passion for English literature and spends her free time in poetry recitation. She admires the works of William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, and Walt Whitman and is an avid fan of the Tamil poet, Bharathiyar. She is currently working on a fiction novel.

The author has a great vision over many aspects of life beyond her age! Nice choice of words and each poem has a humanitarian touch in it. Thoughtful poems like these show our life and earth is in the good hands of the younger generation. Must read for all age groups!



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