Rajasthan Cosmo Club Launches Its First Smile Store


In pursuance of Rajasthan Cosmo club’s motto Restore Human Dignity, the club led by its 27th president Manish Chowdhari has inaugurated their first chain of stores called Smile Store.

President Manish Chowdhari explained how this smile store is going to bring more smiles to people. He told this smile store will provide an extraordinary shopping experience to lower n lower-middle-class people. The clothes sold here are randomly used and branded one, which is laundry washed, sanitized with Nanotechnology, ironed, and neatly poly packed before it comes for sale. People can see the variety and try it in the trial room before buying it. Guest of honour Actor Srikanth appreciated the social work done by the foundation and promised all his support to the organization.


Foundation runs 3 main types of Cloth Schemes:

Gaj Bhar Kapda Scheme

Under this scheme members of the organization collect clothes from society by going door to door for a collection of old clothes. The collected clothes are segregated according to size, washed, ironed, and packed in poly bags and are then redistributed to needy people.

New Clothes Scheme

Under this scheme, they distribute around 15000 new cloths to less fortunate people of society, which includes, the blind association of Tamilnadu, Cancer Institute Guindy, Leprosy home, and the list goes on. Most of these clothes were given during festival time to make those people feel special.

New Schools Uniform Scheme

New School Uniforms are distributed to needy and deserving students. The uniforms are custom-tailored to each student’s specifications in our premises for the past fifteen years. The schools selected are mostly govt aided or corporation run wherein education is rendered to lower-class children at minimal fees, and wherein there is need of such uniforms.



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