The Rocky Star Label Presents -Shringara


  The Rocky Star Label  Presents -Shringara the Spring summer Collection 2017

Shringara’ signifies an alluring atmosphere, revelled in love. The word denotes love and beauty, capturing the poignant emotion in ethereal tales. It is a story of a modern woman, adorning herself as she waits for her love to arrive.


The collection beautifully captures the musings of a woman and her evocative thoughts, as she journeys through the dark forests- her love is one of immense trepidation. Through the journey, not only does she find her love, but she also finds herself. The essence of Shringara lies in the overwhelming emotion of happiness and in the celebration of a woman in love and its many moods.


This spring, the Rocky Star label celebrates love, manifested in decorative prints featuring handcrafted textures and opulent embroideries. The colour palette enhances the feeling of joy and fear in shades of soft grey, mysterious forest greens and light pastels. Voluminous dramatic silhouettes and flattering cuts join together in a coalition of beauty and drama. Soft, fluid georgettes and chiffons highlight the romanticism in the collection.


Shringara is a perfect depiction of the relationship between the individual and the divine, by design.





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