The New Puma RS-X collection


Footwear brand Puma is on a mission to get back the 1980’s brand RS-X back in stores, the entire RS-X range has always been understated. The current generation may not exactly get the significance of why Puma wants to bring back the RS shoe range of the 1980’s back in a modern avatar.  The shoes give a very nostalgic feeling as it is designed with bright vibrant colors,  the shoes have all the makings that will make it a collector’s item. Puma’s RS-X  is priced at Rs 8,999 onwards depending on which variant you pick.

These are running shoes, these are ideal footwear to wear for a jaunt to the mall and they could even be the ticket to some attention at work. Each of these RS-X options is now a mix of many colors, a mish-mash of elements and a whole lot of abstract art personality to go with it. Irrespective of one’s footwear preferences, the thing is that the Puma RS-X is a completely unique proposition, unlike anything one might have bought or seen thus far. This can be ones collector’s item and this can do a fair bit of running as well—just showing the enthusiastic new boosted kids how it was done back in the day.



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