Include commuting time in work hours


According to a recent IWG global workspace survey majority of working Indians want commuting time to be included in their work hours. 80 percent of companies in India are including flexible work timings to help attract employees. In a recent statement, it was stated that 61% office-goers from India believe that official working hours should include time spent on their journey to and from work.

Also, 41% said commuting to/ from work is the part of the working day which they like the least. This is included on a Global level where a lot of professionals feel that official working hours should include time spent on their journey, as it does not constitute free time in their day. Around 71% of businesses globally and 81% in India feel, offering flexible working enables them to expand their productivity.

 In fact, many businesses in India and globally are adapting to flexible working hours for all employees.  From an employee’s point of view, one-third of people globally said flexible working is so important, they would prioritize it over having a more prestigious role.



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