The New Form of Depression


There are many talks about depression but not many know the feelings of sadness, anxiousness or dullness.  If the feeling of sadness or frustration stays for a prolonged period of time but you still manage to get through your day just about fine, you could be suffering from walking or smiling depression. The symptoms are hard to recognize since they don’t fit the classic picture of depression – that of constant dullness, tears or emotional outbursts – but if left unacknowledged, it can be as dangerous. The less severe depression is clinically referred to as Dysthymia or Persistent Depressive Disorder (PDD) and is said to be a long term depression that is not as severe as major depression.

A person with walking depression tends to experience milder and fewer symptoms than someone with a full-fledged depression and they are able to get through their social and professional functions without these symptoms getting in their way. While a person with Dysthymia or PDD will find more disruption in their day-to-day functioning. While it may seem that walking depression isn’t really dangerous, the truth is that people suffering from it do not get emotional support that they need. Since it is a hidden occurrence, such people tend to feel lonely. The worst part is, since they are not really aware of their situation and are constantly fighting the feeling, they end up undermining its effect on their emotional and mental well being. These are the symptoms of walking depression

Not finding joy in things that you once loved 

Many people just don’t show interest in their earlier hobbies such as photography or playing the guitar. Those hobbies that once used to give positive emotions, now fail to spur that feeling? In fact, it now leads to despair. Most people may think that they have outdone the hobby or habit and that’s the reason they don’t feel excited enough but in reality, they may be suffering from walking depression.

Avoiding Social Interactions 

People find it overbearing to attend events or parties that require you to interact with people on a social level. People cancel plans last minute because they would rather spend time alone at home. So much so that they are withdrawing from people who are close to them. This happens because they anyway tend to put a lot of effort going through the day and extending that beyond regular hours makes them feel exhausted.

Always finding ways to escape the feeling of emptiness


Being idle makes people anxious and that’s why they look for ways to get busy with binge-watching Netflix or playing video games for hours at an end or just sinking themselves in alcohol. They keep indulging in these unhealthy habits and still feel anxious and restless because deep they know it is not right.

 Feeling irritable without any reason

A person who was an easy going person before but now little things are enough to blow them of the lid and make them feel impatient and short tempered. If this feeling persists for a longer period of time, they are suffering from walking depression and they need to talk to someone.



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