The House Of Sourdough Launches In Bengaluru


The iconic artisan Indian bakery brand ‘The Baker’s Dozen’ by Aditi Handa and Sneh Jain treats the city of Bengaluru with India’s first ‘The House of Sourdough.’ Exclusively conceptualized by Aditi Handa to showcase the largest range of scrumptious sourdough loaves in the country, this concept will double as a sourdough knowledge library, flagship store, and baking experience by The Baker’s Dozen (TBD) to serve the residents of Bengaluru.

Living by the philosophy that bread is their God, each baker at TBD celebrates the subtle fermentation of dough that creates magic. Consistently boosting the popularity of the humble Indian sourdough, Aditi Handa and Sneh Jain, with their brand The Baker’s Dozen, have created a permanent place in our hearts for their artisan bakes, and especially for their versatile, preservative-free, and uniquely local sourdough loaves. To further celebrate this joyous journey, TBD will continue to create significant awareness for the handcrafted sourdough loaves with their upcoming Bengaluru homage venue – The House of Sourdough, located in ‘Koramangala’ one of the most favorite spots in the city.

Expressing excitement about the launch, Aditi Handa says, “We have been planning ‘The House of Sourdough’ for quite a long time and while being well aware of Bengaluru’s taste palette and its zest for lip-smacking yet functional food, this seemed to be the perfect place, to begin with. It was my objective for 2021 to treat the city’s bread lovers with what they desired, which is now coming close to being fulfilled.”

Sneh Jain added, “The launch of ‘The House of Sourdough’ in Bengaluru is extremely special to our hearts, especially since the ethos of our brand perfectly marries the ethos of the city. We seek to introduce a location for Bangaloreans where they can enjoy a treat while having a warm conversation as well as a place to learn about artisan products and be inspired to start their own journey like Aditi and I did in 2013.”



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