The Flame


Mrinmoy, the elder son of Sanyal family had met with an accident soon after his marriage and has since been confined to a wheelchair. He is suffering from paralysis, severe burns and neurological problems and is supported by a whole time nurse, Ranjana, who takes care of Mrinmoy’s daily chores besides all the nursing help that he needs. Mrinmoy does not allow his beautiful wife, Urmi, to take care of him physically, even though their relationship is deep, and Urmi’s love is his biggest inspiration to live. Since his accident Mrinmoy has attempted to shield Urmi from the day-to-day realities of his bedridden condition. Dr Tarafdar is Mrinmoy’s physician and he regularly visits Mrinmoy. Mrinmoy’s mother is a widow, highly educated and unorthodox. She is a sophisticated lady with a strong personality. She has an old-time friend, Major Lahiri who is a retired senior police officer and is currently a neighbour of the Sanyal family. The play starts with an interactive evening amongst all the characters, and thereafter goes deeper into human conscience and on the next morning, turns into a mystery and finally takes a deep philosophical bend into emotional conflicts taking the audience through an unthinkable and engrossing journey on human relations.

When: Oct 27th, Friday, 8:00 pm
Oct 28th, Saturday, 8:00 pm
Oct 29th, Sunday, 3:00 p.m
Oct 29th, Sunday, 6:30 p.m.
Where: Jagriti Theatre, Bengaluru.



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