The ‘Chackochan Challenge’ is winning hearts!


Kunchacko Boban has initiated these challenges to keep his fans and well wishers engaged during the lockdown!

In Kerala, the lockdown has been extended to 16th of June 2021 considering the rising numbers of Covid patients. Kunchacko Boban took to social media to write that he was disturbed after talking to a friend and listening to the hopelessness in his voice, which is what led him to start the Chackochan challenge and lockdown activities till 16th. He wrote, “We are going through testing times, and announcements such as lockdown extension force us to postpone or drop many of our plans, leading to disappointment. While lockdown and social distancing are effective in curbing the spread of Covid-19, it may perhaps be not so conducive to our emotional state.
Keeping this in mind, I am coming up with a series of activities till 16th June to help you keep boredom at bay and maybe develop some new habits. From brain-tingling exercises to physical challenges, I have plans to not let the lockdown lock you down.
So, stay tuned to my page for the activity updates starting from tomorrow. Let’s try to stay as productive and positive as we can in these challenging times. Believe me, we are in this together and we will get through this together. See you tomorrow!”
His challenge on Day 1 was to make a small contribution to someone in need. He shared a picture of a student in need of money receiving his donation with a caption that read, “We don’t need deep pockets to help the needy, all we need is a little bit of willingness to help.
On Day 2, he encouraged his fans and followers to plant a sapling as we celebrated world environment day this week. He stressed on the importance of nurturing a tree after planting it. He also encouraged people to gift a sapling to loved ones as he felt nature conservation should be a part of our lifestyle and not a yearly event.
Fans are eagerly waiting to hear from the Nayattu actor about more challenges in the coming days!




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