The Art Of Dining


Edo, the award winning restaurant in ITC Gardenia’s culinary crown presents the Robata Fest, a traditional Japanese barbeque cooked in front of the customers and served directly to the guests.

‘Robatayaki’, often shortened to Robata is the original art of Japanese grill cooking, where a selection of fresh produce is delicately skewered and slow grilled to perfection to suit your palate. Originating from the Japanese seashores where fishermen stood eagerly to serve their freshest catch. The skill has been mastered by our Chefs with years of practice for a quintessential Japanese food experience.

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Delicious combinations of seafood, meats and vegetables are placed on skewers and slow grilled to perfection, leaving a satiating taste with every bite. The fresh ingredients, contemporary flavours and the Izakaya style of dining at the Edo might just make you fall in love!

Robata Fest is available at Edo on the menu – from 11th  September to 20th  September at ITC Gardenia.



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