7 Kollywood Movies That Revolve Around Children


Children are a gift from God they say, yes they truly are. Children make the home happier and merrier and most importantly complete. Tamil cinema has always portrayed children as the most important character in the film. Here we have a list of Tamil movies that revolve around the innocence and mischievousness of children.

Deiva Thirumagal 

Deiva Thirumagal narrates the poignant tale of a single father with intellectual and developmental disabilities, engaged in a legal battle to win the custody of his young daughter. Vikram and Baby Sarah played the lead along with Anushka Shetty and Amala Paul.


The children in this film and inadvertently pulls us into their world of innocence, mischief, and hyperactivity and follow the lives of two boys Anbukkaraasu and Jeevanandam, set against a rural backdrop. It is a tale of competition between the two children and hostility on Jeevanandam’s part that at the end of the film gives way to friendship.  

Pasanga 2

The plot is about Naina and Kavin who have already been kicked out of several schools for their errant behaviour, and their parents have tried it all but nothing seems to work. Everything changes when they meet a child psychologist (Surya) and his wife (Amala Paul) who helps the distraught parents better understand their children and bring them closer. 


Marina revolves around the lives of kids who earn their livelihood on the Marina beach selling snacks and water. Their dreams and lives, and how it gets intertwined with those who visit the beach are depicted brilliantly in this work of art. 

Kaaka Muttai

After watching a pizza commercial two young boys from an impoverished family embark on a journey to save enough money to buy themselves a pizza. The story revolves around Aishwarya Rajesh and her sons. 


Saivam is the charming tale of a little girl’s attempt to save the family rooster from being slaughtered in the upcoming festival and the family’s attempts to find the missing rooster at the time of the festival

Thanga Meengal

The backdrop of the film in the present-day education system. It revolves around the special bond shared by a father and his daughter. Chellamma is believed to be a special child and struggles to cope up with the expectations of the world.



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