Table for three at Eat India Company


A dinner at Eat India Company with three Hyderabadi socialites on Republic Day was, for sure, a
gastronomical feast says Deeksha Marur.eic


Allow us to introduce you to Pavni Nadella, Nalini Somani and Tanu Mehta – three friends whose
common love for food brought them to join us for dinner. Pavni is the head of operations at her father’s
packaging factory. But her love for cooking and baking drive her to explore new cuisines whenever she
can. Tanu Mehta is a home maker and mother of two who also loves to model. She loves baking and
dreams of opening a café in the near future and then, we have Nalini Somani a stylist, prop & interior
decorator. Together their friendship goes a long way and their love for food happens to be a rather
enriching one.

After a warm welcome and a chilled glass of Jal-Jeera, we are shown to our table that is set up, perfectly,
by the window. As conversations revolve around our favourite cuisines, the entrees start to roll out. Up
first come the paaya shorba, vegetable and the succulent Fish Ajwani, followed by Banjara Mutton,
Galouti Kebab and Chicken Angara Tikka.

The meat lovers amongst the three of them are Pavni and Tanu. Between the two of them, their
favourites are the Fish Ajwani and the Banjara Mutton. The Fish they say is perfect and succulent and
has the right kind of flavor to it. The tenderness and flavorful mutton scores brownie points with all of
us. While minus points went to the Galouti kebab that was pastier than necessary and the Chicken
Angara Tikka needed more flavor.

The Tandoori Broccoli came as a surprise to Nalini, the only vegetarian in the group. After complaining
that most restaurants she goes to have nothing else to offer but Paneer for vegetarians, she welcomed
the Tandoori Broccoli with much gusto. Speak of the devil, and it appears in the form of soft Paneer
Angara Tikka. For those who can’t handle spice like Pavni, be warned of the hit of the tikka masala.
On to the main course – we are first served the Lasooni Bhutta Palak, followed by Methi Chicken, Rada
Gosht and Dal Bukhara – accompanied by a basket of breads. The pairing of Garlic Naan with the curries
is a favourite, while Tanu prefers the Bathees ki Varki, for its sweeter flavor compared to the others.
What really hits the jackpot is the Biryani, even vegetarian surprisingly. The Mutton Biryani with its
aroma, tender pieces and the perfect blend of the masalas is the best dish of the evening. And in the
words of Nalini, “If I need to eat Biryani, this is the place I’m coming to again.”

For desserts we were served Kesar Kulfi and Gajjar Ka Halwa. Served in small earthen wear, both the
desserts have the right kind of sweetness to them. But, the Gajjar ka Halwa wins hands down. A
perfectly sweet ending to the meal!




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