T-Series the no 1 Youtube Channel in the world


YouTube was engulfed with the battle of the highest subscribers between PewDiePie and Bhushan Kumar’s T-series and the battle spilt all over Twitter as both the contenders urged their followers to subscribe to their respective channels on YouTube. Thankfully, the battle has finally come to an end at the moment as T-series has been announced the highest subscribed channel on YouTube.

Bhushan Kumar also threw a party at the T-series office and had a cake cutting session along with the team who worked tirelessly to achieve this important feat. Also, Bhushan Kumar thanked all his followers who helped T-series clinch the title and said the victory belongs to the people who helped to achieve the remarkable feat.

T-Series head Bhushan Kumar took over the reign at the age of 19 and learnt the music business on the job. He provided innumerable opportunities to several singers all across the globe and his label has the best of the best Bollywood songs that are cherished by millions of Indians. Kudos to Bhushan Kumar and three cheers to T-series for the achievement.



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