Book launch by India Harmony Foundation and Penguin in the capital last week


India Harmony Foundation and Penguin launched a book entitled, A Tale of Wonder: Kathakautukam by Srivara, translated into English by diplomat /scholar and renowned author A.N.D Haksar and published by Penguin on Friday, March 29th, 2019 at Seminar Halls 1, 2, 3, Kamladevi Complex (Above Multipurpose Hall), India International Centre, 40, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi. The book was released by Chief Guest Shri N N Vohra, former Governor of Jammu & Kashmir.

About: A Tale of Wonder: Kathakautukam

A scintillating example of cross-cultural harmony from medieval Kashmir. A Biblical and Koranic story in medieval Persian reaches Kashmir and is transformed there into a Sanskrit epic poem, with India’s mythic overtones—an attestation to this country’s rich syncretic and multicultural past.

In this tale, the beautiful princess Zuleikha has nightly visions of Yusuf, a handsome young stranger. Captivated by his beauty, her waking hours are filled with heartaches, much to the anxiety of her near ones. But Zuleikha is resolved to be united with Yusuf. Her dreams also reveal the obstacles to be surmounted. What ensues is a captivating account of longing and love — a parable of the soul’s journey in its search for the divine. Magnificent in its simple elegance, A Tale of Wonder is beautifully translated by A.N.D. Haksar, with an introduction shedding light on the remarkable provenance of this timeless story. Translated from the Sanskrit by A.N.D. Haksar.



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