Sunil Gavaskar On India Vs Pakistan Cricket World Cup Match


After the recent Pulwama Attacks, the country is in all unity and clamor for a boycott of Pakistan and cutting any ties with Pakistan. Aspects such as trade etc have been completely shut by the govt. The recent news making the rounds is that India might not play against Pakistan in upcoming ICC Cricket world cup in England and Wales. Former India captain and current commentator Sunil Gavaskar said that it is India who stands to lose if they decide not to play against Pakistan in the upcoming ICC World Cup in England and Wales in July. Gavaskar had said that  India refuses to play against Pakistan, it will be India’s loss as Pakistan will be getting two points.

Amidst the growing clamour for a boycott of all cricketing ties with the neighbouring country, Gavaskar stated that India can, in turn, hurt their arch-rivals by beating them and ensuring that they are dumping out of the tournament. The Indian team must ensure that they beat Pakistan and ensure they don’t progress in the competition. India has so far beaten Pakistan every time in a World Cup, So India will actually concede two points by beating Pakistan, we could make sure that they don’t advance in the competition. In a multi-team event, India will lose by not playing them.

The entire matter needs to be looked at with a little more depth, emotions are running high. Like Indo-Pak cricketers, Gavaskar wants the people of the two countries to enjoy friendly relations. The two teams have such a good time when they meet in India or outside and I think the people of the two countries deserve that good time.



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