Pam Mehta: The Sultan of Strings


Kisneel by Pam 2

Designer Pam Mehta showcases bridal finery at its best with her new collection for the Indian bride…


With a gorgeous infusion of colours, embellishments and fabric Kisneel by Pam introduces its new collection for the 2013 bridal season. The collection marks the infusion of colors, embellishments and fabric, brought together by Kisneel’s trademark thread-work. Each ensemble defines sophistication and glamour with classic designs and embroideries receiving a modern twist. Asymmetric cuts and experimental draping is also given an upbeat representation.  Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, sequins, tassels and hand-made beads along with fine embroidery in gold and silver threads complete each look. The perfect blend of traditional and modern designs – essentially glamorous yet very wearable can be seen through the use of embellishments and fabrics.


The use of georgettes, chiffons, satin silks and nets make each silhouette very wearable, sensual and thus complementing the look of the garment. Anarkalis and gowns worked upon with intricate thread-work and feminine drapes, make for a glamorous evening-out. While the lehengas and saris are also given a contemporary and modern feel this season with a lot of color and texture blending. The color fiesta can be seen through the vast palette of colors used in Kisneel’s trademark color blending and blocking techniques. Wide range of pastels and primary colors tones are complemented with metallic hues, neon’s and antique textures. Also a wide range of warm tones like reds, oranges are seen. The collection also has a dash of blues, greys and purples to appease the ever so stylish Kisneel by Pam fashionistas.


Pam Mehta’s label Kisneel by Pam focuses on styling the modern Indian woman in a relaxed couture with a global appeal. With Pam’s stunning collection, Indian couture gets a modern twist with experimental draping and a vibrant palette of colours.



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