SUGAR Cosmetics’ Aquaholic Range


Hydration has always been the primary source for healthy and radiant skin. And every winter, with the temperatures dropping and the air getting dry, you inevitably end up with pasty skin. But now, you don’t have to settle for that anymore. Presenting, SUGAR Aquaholic Range with 4 innovative, super hydrating, and soothing products. The formulation of the products is lightweight, packed with vitamins, and imparts maximum moisture. This range is apt for keeping your skin supple and smooth, during winters, and also all year round. Get ready to change your skin for the best. Keep your skin hydrated through the winter with SUGAR Cosmetics’ Aquaholic Range.

Aquaholic Water Boost Mask

It provides deep hydration, retains moisture, smoothes and plumps the skin. Maintains a positive oil-moisture balance and is perfect for keeping your skin healthy and radiant. Birch juice, coconut water, and aloe retain skin moisture and possess anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.

Aquaholic Priming Moisturizer

It soothes skin from irritation and dryness. Glides on easily, locks down moisture to keep the skin refreshed. It is ultra-lightweight, non-greasy and refreshing. It is enriched with Moringa Seed extracts that help protect the skin from the effect of harmful pollutants. A perfect mix of makeup & skincare, this is an absolute must-have.

Aquaholic Hydrating Stick

It provides instant hydration, nourishes skin and provides skin protection. Soothes puffy eyes and keeps you looking refreshed all day long. It hydrates the skin and instantly moisturizes leaving it soft, supple and healthy-looking. It aids in relieving puffiness around the eyes, gives a cooling sensation and is travel-friendly.

Aquaholic Overnight Water Mask

It soothes, replenishes skin and relieves it from dehydration. It is infused with natural herb extracts to repair skin barrier functions and leave skin feeling softer. It has a superior sorbet texture that melts as soon as applied and instantly relieves skin from dehydration symptoms.

So bid goodbye to dry and parched skin with the super hydrating Aquaholic Range, which is sure to leave your skin gorgeous and dewy at all times.



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