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Fashion is an essential part of our lives, and everyone has their own unique sense of style. While some people are born fashionistas others need some fashion inspiration. People often look out for tips and inspirations impressed by the lavish lifestyle and aesthetically pleasing photographs and videos of fashion bloggers. From dressing up in style for a festive occasion, work or late-night partying and casual dining there’s always a style tip you can refer to anytime. Fashion influencers create more than just ramp-worthy looks and they show us how to amp-up our styling game. They are all pros in the world of glitz and glam and their curated feeds are just so dang pretty to look at. Here we have five top-notch Chennai-based fashion bloggers you must follow for all the fashion inspirations you need.

Text: Ancy Donal Madonna

Subhiksha Venkat

Engineer turned fashionista Subhiksha Venkat, is known for her creative combinations and colourful fusions. She loves experimenting with her style and delivers authentic content. Subhiksha is a pro at revamping old and boring clothes into something quirky, interesting, and stylish. Her feed is full of beautiful ensembles that are picturized in the most stylish way possible. She keeps working on unique and significant ideas and shares them through images and words on her blog which is truly ‘Made In Chennai.’

What’s your blog called and why?

I was raised in Dubai so when I moved back to Chennai I wanted to explore and talk about the city hence the name Made In Chennai. I’ve been trying to show people about Chennai through my blog.

What makes you stand out from other bloggers?

My blog is more like reading a friend’s message; something which gives the girl next door vibe and relatable to the readers. It feels like I can connect more to people and vice versa.

What made you start blogging?

My love for fashion began when I was a kid and I like dressing up. Once in school, I got the title ‘Miss Fashionista’ for a fancy dress competition so that’s when I got the spark. After that, I started to groom myself even more and invested in fashionable clothing as well.

What motivates you to keep going with blogging?

Definitely, my followers because at the end of the day all my effort is for my readers. When I get the acknowledgment and appreciation from them I really feel motivated and even when I feel low I read their comments and messages so I think that keeps me going.

How do you get your following?

‘If Subhiksha can wear something I can also wear’ that’s the attitude I’m trying to build through my blog and I’m succeeding in it and that’s why I’m getting organic and genuine followers.

What are the things you do to catch up with the trends?

Thankfully there are so many fashion magazines, blogs, and Instagram handles which I follow and read regularly to be updated with the ongoing trend.

A quote that describes your sense of fashion?

The next-door Tamil ponnu!


Style statement: Casual with an Indian touch

Label love: The Jodi Life, Summer House & Doodlage

Must have accessory: Silver Jhumkas & Gold wallet

Favourite piece of clothing: White shirt

Fashion inspiration: Samantha Akkineni

Favourite Lipstick shade: MAC Mehr

Current fashion obsession: Dramatic sleeves

Favourite fragrance: Prada Candy



Instagram Followers: 50.4K



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